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Invisible Orthodontics:

ICOA has the technology to design the orthodontic movement by computer and to make invisible and customized orthodontic treatment splints.

Using these systems we can show you the final result, calculate the duration of the treatment and its phases.

Fast Orthodontics: Brackets autoligables:

The self-ligating brackets exert their action thanks to the existence of a gate in which the wire is inserted without need of elastic or rubber. The autoligables brackets can be metallic or porcelain.

Orthodontics Sapphire Brackets:

They are transparent like glass and allow an almost invisible orthodontic treatment. In ICOA we use sapphire brackets whose adhesive base is coated with zirconium powder, creating millions of cuts under the adhesive bracket which provides an excellent mechanical retention of the bracket to the tooth, maintaining a transparent color that is practically invisible.

Orthodontics Removable Brackets (S.A.R):

This appliance works by applying the same concepts of cemented brackets, both in treatment phase and in objectives. The S.A.R. (Removable brackets) allows to select the pieces to move and not to lose anchorage or occlusion.
Its application goes from the alignment of incisors, solution of relapses without having to put back cemented braces, to patients with periodontal problems.

Lingual Orthodontics:

Lingual orthodontics is performed by brackets placed on the inner face of the teeth, that is, inside and therefore hidden to any observer.
With this technique it is possible to treat any kind of alteration in the position of the teeth achieving exactly the same final result that we would achieve with conventional orthodontics.

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