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Facial Treatments
  • Radiofrequency.
  • Dermabrasion with Diamond Tip.
  • Botulinum toxin.
  • Facial Fillers.
  • Chemical Peels.
  • Facial mesotherapy.
  • Facial Rejuvenation with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).
  • Tensioning wires.
  • IPL (Stain Removal).

Through electromagnetic radiation, we managed to raise the temperature of the conjunctive tissue, causing the regeneration and production of new collagen, thus achieving facial rejuvenation.

Firms and stretches flaccid skin, softens wrinkles and expression lines getting a natural look and younger.

The effects achieved are:

-Immediate Effects:

Get a smooth immediate lifting effect.

-Long-term effects:

Collagen remodeling is visible after 6 months from the first

session and the results are gradually improving.

The treatment slows down the aging process. The skin is smooth and regains its firmness.

Does not require anesthesia. It is a non-invasive and safe treatment. Well tolerated

The duration of the session depends on the area to be treated, 20-30 minutes. Once the session is finished Aloe Vera is applied and the patient can be incorporated into their daily life immediately, avoiding exposure to the sun and UVA rays 48 hours after the session.

The number of sessions is variable and will depend on the status of each patient and the level of demand for it.


-Reafirma the skin.

-Redefines the contour of the face.

-Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

-Reduce the double chin.

-Reduce bags and dark circles.

-Fight flaccidity of the skin (face, arms, abdomen).

-Decreases targeted areas of cellulite.

– Redness and edema after the session (transient).

-Some small ecchymosis in areas of capillary fragility (rare).



-Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

– Metallic Prosthesis Holders (Pacemakers).

-Cardiopathies serious.

-Alterations of coagulation.


– Connective tissue and neuromuscular alterations.

– Recent Collagen Implants.

-Morbid obesity.

Alterations of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ):

The TMJ is the joint that connects the jaw with the skull, allowing us to perform movements of opening and closing the mouth, chewing, talking, etc.

So that the jaw is in a correct position, it is necessary that there are teeth and grinds both on the top and the bottom, and that these mesh correctly.

When teeth are missing, the position of the jaw is altered, which means that with normal movements the TMJ suffers, producing alterations that range from small noises when opening and closing the mouth to important pains or blockages with the mouth closed or open, which they need to be reduced.

When there is a correct gear between the teeth, there is a good position of the ATM.

Alterations of phonation (pronunciation):

The pronunciation of certain sounds, such as the letter C, is done by supporting the tongue on the teeth, in this case on the previous ones. Therefore, when teeth are missing, some sounds can not be correctly pronounced.

Aesthetic alterations:

Another important function of the teeth is the aesthetics. The appearance of a face, and even that of the person, may vary depending on the position of the teeth, their color or their size.

In addition, the teeth maintain the shape and tone of the muscles of the face, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles that give an appearance of premature aging to the person.

The correct replacement of the lost pieces prevents the appearance of these wrinkles and maintains a much healthier appearance of the entire facial contour.


For smoother skin:

Dermabrasion is undoubtedly one of the most effective. The result is comparable to that which can be achieved with a laser, with the exception that it can not be used to improve the eye contour, where this technique is dangerous. Dermabrasion is one of the techniques available to correct small wrinkles around the mouth and to improve acne scars.
There are some limitations related to the depile type and the facial areas. For this reason, it is better to consult previously with the injured surgeon to choose the most appropriate treatment.

Process :
It consists of a mechanical abrasion of the skin under local anesthesia and sedation. A diamond tip is used to remove the most superficial layers of the skin until it reaches the dermis, causing minimal and controlled bleeding. After the treatment a fatty tulle is placed and the area is left covered.

Time: 20-40 minutes.

Recovery :
After a few days the skin will heal autonomously and the bet will be detached only with the pills. If the area stings, a common painkiller (paracetamol) is enough to control the discomfort. As soon as he took off he bet, the skin would be smooth and flat as desired. However, you have to protect it with sunscreen and moisturizer for a few weeks. Recovery time is very similar to laser treatment.


Botulinum Toxin Type A infiltration is known as Botox. It is a complex that acts by relaxing the musculature.
Does not require anesthesia.
You can infiltrate at any time of the year. The results are visible between the third and fifth days and the definitive ones at 15 days. It has a duration of treatment of between 6-8 months, after this time, the patient can repeat the treatment if desired.
The procedure is very simple, it consists of infiltrations with a very fine needle at predetermined points of the facial region producing a sweep of the wrinkles.
Traditionally, Botox was applied in the upper third of the face to correct the expression wrinkles that occur in areas of frown, crow’s feet or horizontal wrinkles of the forehead. Currently used to beautify the look raising or arching the eyebrows.

-Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
-Patients treated with anticoagulants.
-Patients suffering from coagulopathies.


Among the most well-known and used facial fillers is Hyaluronic Acid. The facial fillers are temporary. It is an aesthetic medical procedure that consists in injecting a substance in order to recover or fill facial volumes, which allows achieving a natural lifting without surgery.

Product characteristics:
-It is natural, biodegradable and resorbable.
-The implant is integrated into the tissues in a natural way.
-Allows to fill glabellar lines, forehead, scars, depressions, upper lip lines, periorbital line, oral commissures, vermilion border, deeper facial wrinkles, puppet lines, lip hydration, lip augmentation, lip contouring, nasolabial folds .

Side effects:
– Hematomas may appear.
-There will be slight inflammation, except in the upper lip and barcode, areas where inflammation is most important.

-Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
-People with autoimmune diseases.

The patient can be incorporated the next day into his social and work life.
The average duration of the filling with Hyaluronic Acid varies from 6-9 months. The speed of absorption will depend on the lifestyle, skin type, genetics.


It is an effective aesthetic medical treatment with very satisfactory results in the rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.
The result begins to be noticed from the first session. The number of sessions will depend on the age of the patient and the conditions of the skin. The result is not permanent, so maintenance is necessary.
To be more effective, the treatment can be combined with other treatments such as peeling, radiofrequency.
It is indicated in all ages.
The procedure consists in infiltrating with small and fine needles on face, neck and neckline Hyaluronic Acid, Silicon, Vitamin C, etc.
The skin adopts a younger and luminous appearance, smooth and hydrated.


The advantages of the use of Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, in Antiage treatments, is the use of a biological substance manufactured by our body. It is obtained from the patient’s own blood, through a process that includes the centrifugation of a blood sample from which Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained and these release growth factors. The product obtained is autologous, non-allergenic and non-immunogenic.
It is applied on the face, neck, neckline and back of the hands through micro injections
. Topical anesthesia is used.
There are no contraindications.
It is used for the management and prevention of skin aging.
It can be used as an isolated therapy or accompanied with other treatments such as radiofrequency.
The results are seen in a week and reach their maximum at 20-30 days. It can be repeated at 3 weeks.
We are going to get a smoother and more luminous skin. They also improve acne lesions or facial scars.

Side effects:
– Redness.
-Warmth sensation.

The day of the treatment is not advised to take the sun or apply creams.


It is a facelift that does not need surgery. The procedure is safe, fast and simple.
In the treatment, yarns made with a 100% biocompatible material, Polidioxanone (PDO) are used. It is a sterile and resorbable material used in cardiac and ocular surgery.
It can be applied or not, topical anesthetic. The procedure takes approximately 15-45 minutes. It is done in consultation, does not require hospitalization. The patient is immediately incorporated into their daily lives.
A tense, natural and healthy skin is achieved
. The degree of patient satisfaction is high.
The treatment consists of a type of skin tightening based on the implantation of micro threads in the form of a network at the subcutaneous level, guiding it with a fine needle. After its placement, it is removed. The threads cause a tension effect and in the long term, the stimulation for the formation of collagen. The number of threads will depend on the conditions of the patient.
It is painless. Not aggressive
The duration of treatment can be about 18 months, depends on the characteristics of the patient and skin type. The effects can be visualized at the moment, reaching its fullness at 2-3 months.

– Elevation of cheeks.
-Recovery of the facial oval.
-Improvement of nasolabial grooves.
-Improved puppet lines.
-Decrease wrinkles of the eye contour
– Eyebrow elevation.
-Decreases bar code.
-Matiza peribucal wrinkles.
-Reaffirms the facial contour.
-Gives symmetry to the face.
-Improves moderate to severe flaccidity.

-Once the effect is lost with the passage of time, the treatment can be repeated again.
-No scars.
-It is safe.
-Favors the natural production of collagen.

Possible Side Effects:
– Pain may appear during the first days.
-The treated areas can be inflamed.

-Infection in the area to be treated.
-Autoimmune diseases.
-Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
-Diabetes not controlled.
– Acute cardiovascular diseases.


Non-aggressive treatment that allows several sessions. Intense Pulsed Light emits a broad band of light. The energy of the light acts on the deeper layers to gradually improve the tone and texture of the skin, gives luminosity.
It acts selectively on the spots, attenuating its appearance until they disappear. At the same time closes pores. It is necessary after the IPL session to protect from the sun and moisturize the skin.
The session lasts 30 minutes.


-Pieles Phototype VI (black skin) by the absorption coefficient.
-Patients under treatment with photosensitive drugs.
-Patients with a history of keloids or hypertrophic scars.
-Tanned skin.
-Liones suspicious of malignancy.


Peelings are used in aesthetic medicine to flatten wrinkles and expression lines by removing the superficial layer of the skin and, therefore, the most damaged cells of the epidermis. They achieve a softer skin and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers. Some of them can also erase skin spots due to the aging process.
There are different types of Peelings, depending on the chemical agent chosen. The stronger the chemical agent is, the deeper and more visible the effect, although the stronger exfoliating agents may require sedation during treatment. It is also true that in most cases, a gentle peel can be performed in your doctor’s office.

Surface Peels (Glycolic Acid):
The Surface Peelings act on the epidermis and outer layer of the dermis. They can be used to treat acne and oily skin, certain forms of lentigo and fine wrinkles. Sometimes they can cause moderate burning and tingling and the redness is always minimal. Complete recovery is achieved after 7-10 days; The treatments can be repeated within a few weeks.

Moderate Peelings (Trichloroacetic Acid or TCA):
The medium Peelings work in the deepest layers, up to the middle dermis. They produce a more painful redness that lasts several days, and then a peeling. The healing occurs after about fifteen days. We generally use Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) to treat pigmentation spots on the skin. They are performed under anesthesia (sedation) by a plastic surgeon.

Deep Peelings (Phenol):
Deep Peelings act directly on the deep layer of the dermis. They are performed under anesthesia (sedation) by a plastic surgeon.

Peels for the Lips (Orange Balm):
To soften and moisturize the lips.

Surface peels are made every 10-15 days and then they are performed less frequently. Apart from sun exposure (not recommended for a couple of days after a peel, due to the risk of skin hyperpigmentation), there are no contraindications.

Body treatments
  • Lipofilling / Lipostructure.
  • Body mesotherapy.
  • Cavitation.
  • Pressotherapy.
  • IPL (Photodepilation).
  • Electro-stimulation .
  • Treatment of varicose veins.
  • Hyperhidrosis.

The Lipoestructura is the evolution of Liposuction reusing the own fat like natural filling (autograft) for esthetic reasons or to correct pathologies (for example scars).

The Lipostructure can help correct large volume defects avoiding the risk of an inflammatory or allergic reaction when using your own fat without any foreign or synthetic material.
The Lipostructure is used for the treatment of grooves and soft tissue volume deficits. It can not disguise superficial fine wrinkles, which are corrected with other techniques (for example Botulinum Toxin). It helps restore the volume of the cheekbones, the harmonious contours of the face and improves wrinkles in the eyebrows; as well as to fill the cheeks, the temporal region and the lacrimal groove, to treat naso-labial folds and supraciliary arches. It can also be used to correct the irregularities of Liposuction, if it is the case, for breast augmentation and to rejuvenate the hands.

Process :

Fat is aspirated (usually under local anesthesia) from the “donor” area (for example, the inside of the knees, abdomen, hips, buttocks, etc.), using a thin cannula. You can use a part of the fat sucked during a Liposuction in the same session. No incision is necessary and there are no visible marks in the donor area. Liposuction is carefully centrifuged and purified, eliminating all unnecessary components before being uniformly injected into a receiving area.
The fat is introduced in layers by means of mini and micro injections according to the latest techniques available in this field.
The procedure lasts between 1-4 hours.

Recovery :

Lipofilling is performed on an outpatient basis and there is no need for the patient to spend the night in the clinic. You can even continue with your work and your social life after treatment. There will be some bruises and mild discomfort during the first days / hours. You should use a girdle in the donor area for a few weeks to promote retraction of the skin.


The quality of the results and the duration of the effectiveness depend partially on the surgeon who performs the operation and the method used to prepare and inject the fat. However, a part of fat, between 30 and 40%, will be lost during the following months by physiological reabsorption of the same. Injections can be repeated infinitely with cumulative effects to achieve the best possible results. The more constant the body weight is maintained, the better and more lasting the result will be.
When we use this technique for breast augmentation, we must have realistic expectations, that is, a moderate increase. To reach large volumes, breast implants are still the best technique available.


With the passage of time and physical activity, small capillary veins can appear on the surface of the skin, especially in the lower limbs due to congestion and lack of resistance of the venous system.
In most cases the problem is located only to the surface system, however, it can be an indirect sign of a functional failure of the deep venous system.
For this reason, before any aesthetic treatment, the surgeon asks for a Doppler test to exclude that there are major problems of the main venous circulation and to treat only the aesthetic problem.

If the veins are large enough, the ideal treatment is usually an injection of an alcoholic solution to close the main vessel and all the capillaries that come from it.
Smaller capillaries are usually treated with laser light.


It produces cellulite reduction, localized volume reduction and firming effect of the skin, through micro injections in subcutaneous or intradermal way.
The treatment is painless. Does not require anesthesia.
The results begin to be noticed from the 3-4 session.
During the treatment it is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol and drink a large amount of water.

Side effects:
-After the treatment may appear some small bruise that will disappear after a few days.

You can combine with other treatments such as cavitation and pressotherapy.
The substances administered to improve cellulite, have as their objective:
-The reduction of adipose tissue.
-Activate the circulatory system.
-Reconstruct the connective tissue.

Before undergoing Body Mesotherapy, we recommend:

-Avoid depilators before the session as it can cause irritation or redness in the area and that predisposes to feel more pain.
-Do not sunbathe 48 hours after the session.

-Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
-Patients with Cancer.
-Alterations of coagulation.
-People with active skin infections.


Non-invasive treatment Not painful
It is a technique that by means of ultrasounds of different frequencies acts on localized fat deposits releasing them from fat. It breaks the cell membrane of the adipocytes, the fat is released from the inside of the cell and later it is eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary systems.

Side effects:
– Redness may appear but does not cause pain.
-The heat generated is perfectly tolerated.

Cavitation combined with other techniques such as pressure therapy acts on body remodeling leading to a significant loss of perimeter, acting not only on localized adiposity but also on cellulite and flaccidity.
The sessions last 25-35 minutes. Between one session and another should be left 3 days. It is important to maintain continuity. Minimum 5-8 sessions to see results. 10-12 are recommended.
It is necessary to eat at least 2 liters of water daily to help eliminate fat from the body.

-Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
– Cardiac diseases, with pacemakers, hepatic, autoimmune, circulatory, consult your doctor beforehand.
-Patient with metallic IUD.

It is advisable to have basal cholesterol levels within normal limits.


It is a specific therapeutic technique to improve the circulatory and lymphatic system. You can treat specific areas (legs, arms, abdomen).
The patient puts on a pneumatic suit that exerts pressure on the area to be treated. It shows a massage with a pleasant and relaxing pressure. The massage is performed centripetally, that is, from distal to proximal.
It causes an improvement in the pathologies that occur with fluid retention, lymphedemas and venous disorders of the lower limbs. It helps to treat cellulite.
Pregnant women can use it from the fourth month of gestation to avoid or prevent the fluid retention of pregnancy.

-Hympatic and Kidney Disease.
-Diabetes with microangiopathy
-People with a pacemaker and / or heart disease.

IPL (Photodepilation).

The light reaches the hair follicle and weakens it until it stops producing hair. It is effective, safe and simple. The number of sessions will depend on skin phototype, hair characteristics, area to be treated, sex, age, and hormonal status. The results are visible from the first session . The duration of the session will depend on the area to be treated.


Technique widely used in aesthetic medicine. By means of electrical impulses, they provoke muscular contractions and as a result, an effect similar to that which would be obtained by exercising the muscles.

-People with pacemakers.
-About the abdomens of pregnant women.


Hoperhidrosis is a disease (pathology, disorder) associated with excessive sweating that affects a large number of people.
It is usually checked in the armpits, the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, however, it can affect any area of ​​the body.
Normal sweating is a physiological process that regulates body temperature; if there is excess, the odor that drifts and the physical contact (for example shaking hands) can interfere with social life.
Botulinum toxin can reduce sweat production locally in a simple way.
A minimal amount is injected into the armpit and / or the palms of the hands to control the production of sweat by the glands located on the skin. The use of anesthetic cream helps to reduce the discomfort of the needle.
The effect begins one week after the injection and lasts 6-8 months. For this reason, we advise treating the desired area at the beginning of spring so as not to have problems during the six hottest months of the year.

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