In ICOA Institute of Advanced Oral Surgery we work every day to offer our patients the most advanced technology in the world of dentistry. Due to this strong commitment we are the first center to be part of the prestigious ZAGA CENTERS network in the Community of Madrid.

What does behind mean?

ZAGA is an English acronym that means “method (of zygomatic implants) guided by the anatomy of the patient.” This means that it is the anatomy of the patient that guides the surgical technique, and not vice versa. Therefore, instead of forcing the patient’s anatomy to our tools and processes, we adapt our tools and processes to the patient’s anatomy.

The Zaga philosophy

ZAGA is more than a method, it is a work philosophy that focuses on the well-being of the patient. The characteristics and individual needs of each patient are the main elements at the time of constructing / designing the treatment plan and the materials or implants to be used. The ZAGA philosophy aims to ensure long-term success in the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy by means of dental prostheses anchored on zygomatic implants.


The ZAGA philosophy aims, in addition to maximizing success, to avoid complications instead of treating them. To achieve these objectives in a standardized way, the ZAGA philosophy is based on the creation and use of individualized, contrasted and systematized action protocols.

The Zaga method

The ZAGA method is a set of techniques, materials and protocols of action for the different professionals involved, focused on systematically optimizing the results of the treatment of extreme maxillary bone atrophy by fixed dental prostheses anchored to zygomatic implants. The Method is based on a systematic classification of the different anatomies of the patients. The classification helps to identify the anatomical situation of each patient and allows adapting the treatment, its protocols and materials, to its anatomical reality.


This makes the surgery less invasive, less problematic and more successful, which drastically increases the treatment success rate compared to traditional treatments.

Zaga: minimally invasive surgery

With the ZAGA method, surgery using conventional techniques to place zygomatic implants is simplified. ZAGA surgery conserves more bone, is faster and more accurate. The use of the ZAGA method makes treatment minimally invasive compared to traditional surgery or hip grafts.

Zaga zygomatic implants

After more than 25 years of experience in the use of zygomatic implants and in collaboration with a team of engineers, we have designed ZAGA zygomatic implants that we integrate into our zygomatic solutions platform.

Its reduced dimensions are adapted to the patient, especially to the female patient more affected by the atrophy, in a way far superior to what until now offered the market. Its precise placement of a less invasive surgery. Its composition is much more compatible with the body as it has no potentially harmful extraneous elements, such as Aluminum or Vanadium. Their forms are different to suit the anatomy of the patient and prevent complications arising from their placement. Its texture and design take into account the biology and function of the oral environment. The new zygomatic implants manufactured under the ZAGA philosophy are used in the ZAGA Centers.

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