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Pediatric dentistry always smile

Removing cavities and repairing damaged teeth is critical to maintaining good oral health. Although most adults value and protect our teeth, some underestimate the importance of “milk teeth” in development.


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Orthodontics align teeth keeping their appearance and natural color.

Orthodontics is the ideal treatment when you want to align your teeth keeping their appearance and natural color. It is the best way to correct the position of teeth and bite in a lasting, economic and aesthetic way.


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Implantology the best implant systems

At ICOA we work with the best implant systems and offer our patients the best and most complete range of implants. We also certify the quality of the product on the treatment card that is given to each patient at the end of the surgery.


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Maxillofacial Radiology 3D

In ICOA we have the latest technology in the field of radiology CBCT, the acquisition of images in 360 ° (each angle for a total of 360 °). It combines revolutionary flat-panel X-ray detector technology with a small focal point (0.3mm) to produce the clearest and sharpest images available today.


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Ferula snoring / Sleep apnea ICOA is an accredited center for the manufacture of OrthoApnea splints.

Thanks to these Mandibular Advance Devices we offer patients with snoring and sleep apnea the most comfortable and efficient solution.


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Periodontics Always smile

Periodontics is the part of dentistry that treats gum problems. Periodontal treatment is aimed at eliminating the bacteria that produce the disease, correcting factors that make it more susceptible, such as tobacco, and certain dental alterations such as malpositions.


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Aesthetic dentistry Are you ready for your new smile?

Enjoy a healthy and beautiful dentures from only € 222, thanks to dental implantology. Re-smile, replacing the natural pieces lost by our pieces of titanium of the highest quality, which are placed on the bone effectively fixing the denture.


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Prosthesis Are you ready for your new smile?

At ICOA we work with the most advanced systems for the design and manufacture of dental prostheses.
Through computer systems we can make a virtual assembly (mock up) of the final result of your smile so that you decide if you like the design of your new look.


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Aesthetic Medicine


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