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Orthodontics is the ideal treatment when you want to align your teeth keeping your appearance and natural color. Is the best way to correct the position of the teeth and bite in a lasting, economic and aesthetic.

Do you think you are older to wear orthodontics?

More than 20% of orthodontic patients are adults, and some are older than 50 years

Are you concerned about the appearance of the brackets?

We have the latest techniques in orthodontics: Aesthetic Brackets (from the color of your teeth), Lingual Orthodontics (brackets behind the teeth), InvisaLign or Orthodontics Invisible (orthodontics with transparent splints). No one will notice that we are correcting the position of your teeth.

Will I have to wear orthodontic treatment for a long time?

Most mild cases resolve between 4 and 12 months, the most serious cases need between 18 and 30 months. In addition, invisible orthodontics allows you to enjoy maximum aesthetics and go to a few visits because it is done with splints that we will deliver at the beginning of treatment. These splints are manufactured according to the design that we will make by computer of the future position of your teeth. It is not necessary to change the elastics or brackets, just wear the splint and change it every two weeks. It is a very comfortable treatment for adults.

Is Orthodontics Important in Children?


We have the latest techniques in orthodontics: Aesthetic Brackets (from the color of your teeth), Lingual Orthodontics (brackets behind the teeth), InvisaLign or Orthodontics Invisible (orthodontics with transparent splints). No one will notice that we are correcting the position of your teeth.

But the best thing to know is that you come to visit us


At ICOA we work with computer systems for orthodontic planning.

Using these systems we can show you the final result, calculate the duration of the treatment and its phases.

After the orthodontic study we will give you a dossier with the most advanced planning and treatment options.

ICOA has the technology to design the orthodontic movement by computer and to make invisible and customized orthodontic treatment splints.



The evolution and revolution of the last ten years in orthodontics, in addition to invisible orthodontics and lingual orthodontics, has come from the hand of self-ligating brackets.

Orthodontics moves the teeth through forces exerted by arcs with elastic memory, which are transmitted to the tooth with an intermediate element called Bracket. In conventional orthodontics, metallic or elastic ligatures (transparent, gray or colored gomitas) attach the arches to the brackets. As the brackets are glued to the tooth, when the arch recovers its shape, it drags the tooth-bracket assembly to place the teeth in their ideal place.

But elastic bands lose their strength, they stain and change color, so you have to change them often or every appointment. In addition, they retain many foods and plaque and also generate a lot of friction, that is, frictional force between the wire and the bracket, which forces them to make stronger forces to move the teeth, generating more discomfort or feeling of pressure in the patients .

Nuestros tratamientos:

The self-ligating brackets exert their action thanks to the existence of a gate (“plug”, clip, or metallic system) in which the wire is inserted without need of elastic or rubber. The autoligables brackets can be metallic or porcelain. The important thing in short is that with them eliminates the need for gomitas or metallic ligatures reason why: the appointments are faster in the clinic and the orthodontic treatment is realized in less months, together With some other undeniable advantages: more comfort for the patient and lighter forces with less friction.


The sapphire brackets are currently the most esthetic in orthodontics,

are transparent like glass and allow an almost invisible orthodontic treatment (unlike porcelain brackets that are white).

Sapphire is one of the most beautiful gemstones. In ICOA we use sapphire brackets whose adhesive base is coated with zirconium powder, creating millions of cuts under the adhesive bracket which provides an excellent mechanical retention of the bracket to the tooth, maintaining a transparent color that is practically invisible.

Sapphire brackets are not stained and maintain their transparency throughout the esthetic orthodontic treatment. The orthodontic esthetic brackets have been diamond-polished and polished with heat to achieve rounded edges with soft hooks that significantly improve patient comfort .



A new concept in removable appliance in adults, an appliance that does not need constant use, selecting the patient at what time to use it.


Easy to set up and remove,

The results are very similar to cemented brackets, leaving behind the use of long splint sequences to achieve the same results in less than half the time, with a significant reduction in treatment costs.

This appliance works by applying the same concepts of cemented brackets, both in treatment phase and in objectives. The S.A.R. (Removable brackets) allows to select the pieces to move and not to lose anchorage or occlusion, being able to use components of the techniques multibrackets. Its application goes from the alignment of incisors, solution of relapses without having to put back cemented braces, to patients with periodontal problems.

ICOA is accredited center for Orthodontics S.A.R.

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Lingual orthodontics is performed by brackets placed on the inner face of the teeth, that is, inside and therefore hidden to any observer.


With this technique it is possible to treat any kind of alteration in the position of the teeth achieving exactly the same final result that we would achieve with conventional orthodontics