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ICOA’s values

Technology is progress when it is at the service of the people.

Values and commitment ICOAAt ICOA we work to make the most advanced dental technology available to everyone. We believe that technology must be at the service of people and therefore be accessible to all. As the Oral Surgery Institute we have a responsibility to contribute to the improvement of oral health by offering quality in the most advanced treatments, but ICOA is also responsible for the social commitment The latest advances available to all.

ICOA has selected professionals with extensive training and experience in the application of the most advanced dental treatments so that our patients have the guarantee of being in expert hands.

The commitment to the environment and respect for Nature is everyone’s responsibility. At ICOA we have completely eliminated the use of developer fluids for highly toxic and contaminating radiographs, thanks to the digitization of all the scans. We have also adopted optimization measures that allow us to reduce electricity consumption and rationalize energy resources.