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Digital Dental Clinic

Digital printing system

Dental digital printing

The acquisition of oral impressions by means of intraoral scanner allows obtaining a digital model of the mouth that reproduces exactly the reality. It replaces the systems of impressions with pasta that both bother patients and always introduce distortions of May or less magnitude, which means that in many cases the works do not adjust and have to be repeated.

The digital print outlet overcomes these disadvantages and is the most advanced technology to ensure the best fit of the prosthesis.


Computer Guided Surgery

Guided surgery program

At ICOA we can plan your computer surgery and determine by means of a CT scan the exact position of your implants. Planning the computer surgery allows us to make a surgical splint and make some teeth before surgery.

In addition, this type of surgery is usually performed using minimally invasive techniques, so it is not necessary to use stitches and the postoperative is significantly more satisfactory.


Digital prosthesis design (CAD System)

System CAD

software CAD dental

Dental Clinic with CAD





Once the impression is digitized and the image processed through the modelbuilder, we design the prosthesis with CAD design programs. These prostheses are personalized and the adjustment is done in a computerized way.


Manufacture of prosthesis by milling (CAM System)

Once the prosthesis is designed by computer, the CAM system allows to transfer the digital information to the milling machines. We can make prostheses using micrometric milling systems so that an optimum fit is achieved. Getting the best fit is important to minimize possible bacterial leaks and micromovements of prostheses. At ICOA, all prosthetics made using CAD-CAM technology are delivered with the corresponding quality assurance certificate provided by the manufacturer.

prótesis dentales CAMprótesis dental CAM 2Prótesis dental CAM 3Prótesis Dental CAM 4



Tomografía computerizada CBCTAt ICOA we have the most advanced 3D tomography system. The conical beam system allows the anatomical structures to be reproduced with real accuracy.
In addition this advanced technology uses the lower doses of radiation of the tomographic systems, in addition we can adapt the area to be explored so that we only radiate the minimum area that we are interested to explore.

CBCT technology is useful for the planning of implant surgery. Knowing the anatomy in an exact way we can, through computer software of computer surgery, to place the implants of precise way avoiding to injure important anatomical structures. We also plan by computer the optimal emergence of the abutments of the implants so that the final prosthetic result is excellent.

Tomografía CBCT computerizadaDigital technology allows us to have all this information immediately and prevents radiological studies from deteriorating over time. We also eliminate the need to use highly toxic radioactive film developer fluids, helping to preserve the environment.



Invisible Orthodontics with Digital Planning

Clínica ortodoncia invisible

Ortodoncia invisible digital








Especialistas en ortodoncia invisibleAt ICOA we work with computer systems for orthodontic planning.

Through these systems we can show the final result, calculate the duration of the treatment and its phases.

After the orthodontic study we will give you a dossier with the most advanced planning and the different treatment options.

ICOA has the technology to design the orthodontic movement by computer and make invisible and customized orthodontic treatment splints.


Ultrasound Surgery

Cirugía dental por ultrasonidos


At ICOA we have state-of-the-art ultrasonic surgery equipment. The use of ultrasound in implant surgery allows modulation between high and low signal frequencies, so that the cut is limited to the bone and respects the soft tissues and the most delicate anatomical structures (such as nerves, arteries and mucous membranes).

This precision of cut and the respect of the delicate tissues influences an optimum tissue repair with clean cuts, which allows a more satisfactory healing and postoperative.



Diagnóstico Dental


At ICOA we have an intrabuccal video diagnostics system, with LED lighting and the most advanced sharpness, to be able to perfectly visualize any alteration.





Laser dental


The 810 nm diode laser combines the most effective performance with maximum safety. It is a versatile laser being effective for many types of treatments, from canker sores, endodontics, tooth whitening, dental sensitivity treatment, etc … until its use in surgery and implantology.
In addition the diode laser has an antibacterial and biostimulation action.