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3D Maxillofacial Radiology



At ICOA we have the latest technology in the field of radiology CBCT,

the acquisition of images in 360 ° (each angle for a total of 360 °). It brings together revolutionary flat-panel X-ray detector technology with a small focal point (0.3 mm) to produce the clearest and sharpest images available today.


We performed orthopantomographies, cephalometry and teleradiographies of skull and carpal, 3D ATM exams; Examinations of the maxillary sinuses; CBCT mandibles of jaws. All the data (in DICOM format) we give them in a CD with a viewer so that they can consult it at home.


Cone Beam technology is an effective bone study instrument in which implants are to be implanted. Images obtained from a 3D volume can show anatomy and structural anomalies with unprecedented accuracy.
By offering 3D imaging, Cone Beam (CBCT) radiology is capable of producing various types of images for orthodontic and aesthetic treatments, as well as for treatment of more serious diseases, among other panoramic views, cephalograms and 3D images. The 3D image provides an exhaustive representation of the scanned area, allowing also to modify the viewing angle and modify the thickness of the reconstructed images.

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