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ICOA Quality Policy

At ICOA we are continuously improving our services based on values such as quality, innovation, accessibility, respect, trust,

What sets us apart

The Management of ICOA is aware of the social commitment that represents to take care of the health of the people and for that reason considers that our actions must contribute to the quality of life of the people.

ICOA understands that it must be considered a reference organization in the services it provides and therefore its activity is based on values such as quality, innovation, accessibility, respect, trust, closeness, professionalism, experience, research and continuous improvement, as corporate values of reference.

To achieve the proposed goals ICOA has developed a model of action that brings value to the organization and has been established to act on the following lines:

1. Technical capacity of professionals

The doctors and dentists who work at ICOA have postgraduate university specialties in the different areas of Dentistry. All of them develop continuing education programs and in addition several members of the team give classes as teachers at the University. Some members of the team participate in important research programs such as doctors and others as doctoral students.

The desire for professional development is very much taken into account as the value to belong to the team. Our team writes several international publications a year, elaborates guides of action with the endorsement of Scientific Societies Professionals and presents communications to congresses in the usual way.


2. Coordination, kindness and punctuality

At ICOA there is a medical director and a clinical coordinator who take care of the comprehensive and coordinated care of our patients. Its function is to serve as a link between the patient and the rest of the team, to ensure the kindness in the service and punctuality in the processes.

3. Digital technology

Having a firm commitment to quality requires the latest technological advances. In ICOA we have the most advanced technology to guarantee the highest level in the quality of the treatments..

At ICOA we invest continuously in the most advanced equipment. We have a digital intraoral camera, 3D scanner / TAC, prosthesis made by digital design and manufacturing procedures, identification of bacteria by DNA analysis, genetic study of disease risk, computer planned surgery, ultrasound surgery, virtual simulation of treatment of Orthodontics, etc….

A good professional can only offer a good treatment if he has the best means of diagnosis and the most advanced laboratory tools and procedures


4. Facilities: comfort and attention to detail

We want your visit to ICOA to be as pleasant as possible and for this we take care of the details. In our clinic in Las Rozas we have adult waiting room, Kids room (children and juniors), private waiting room; And always with free wifi, updated magazines, air conditioning and music.

5. First brands

The materials we use at ICOA are always top quality. We work with the first brands.

Our implants have the most demanding international quality certificates. It is present in more than 75 countries and implies that it passes numerous quality controls. We have made a great effort to be able to combine the best price and work with one of the first three international brands of implants.


6. Best value for money

All our effort is based on offering the best price without any reduction in the quality of professionals or materials.

The success of ICOA is based on having a team of professionals of the highest level, and on making technological investment and quality policy compatible with a low price. Many clinics attract clients with low prices without explaining the quality they offer. At ICOA we only work with the best quality; And we explain carefully and certify the quality of the treatments that we perform.


7. Transparency

The treatment plan proposed by our professionals always takes into account the needs and desires of the patient. We explain the different options and we make a budget that is delivered in writing, so that you can make an informed decision. Any subsequent modification of the budget must be approved by the patient. No surprises.