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Supplement your aesthetic treatment with exercise

From ICOA we always look for the best for our clients , so we try to convey the idea of a healthy life as a fundamental value. The aesthetic treatments that we offer from the clinic should be accompanied by exercise and good nutrition. There are no magic recipes, there are treatments to look better but to maintain them you have to strive.

The most recommended exercises to complement aesthetics treatment, are the aerobic character such as cycling, running or walking that generate an energy expenditure if what we want is to lose weight. To tone certain areas the best are the weights with which we will also lose fats that will become muscle. In short, any type of exercise will be complementary and beneficial for our aesthetic treatments, letting the convalescence time pass. In addition, sport generates endorphins that brings us satisfaction and well-being which helps us to feel better about ourselves. This is also noticeable in our picture.

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People usually relax after getting results with a treatment, which are usually not permanent. So we must continue to take care of our body. From ICOA we have understood this necessity and for that reason, we have allied with the gyms Virgin Active so that our customers have easy and accessible take care. 

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Los tratamientos estéticos ICOA van desde los faciales como Radiofrecuencia, Toxina Botulínica, Rellenos Faciales o Peelings Químicos y los corporales como Lipoestructura, Mesoterapia Corporal o Presoterapia. Si estás interesado en cualquiera de ellos puedes contactar sin compromiso con nosotros en nuestra clínica de Las Rozas (Tlf. 91 626 60 12) o en la Madrid (Tlf. 91 186 12 39).

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… What are more than 600 different species of bacteria that live in the mouth?

That’s why it’s so important to brush your teeth and clean your tongue after every meal.



Happy new week!

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Renew your smile with the veneers

If your desire is to show a smile that dazzles and corrects small defects, in addition to being uniform in color, the solution is the aesthetic veneers. These are restorations made with ceramics without metal and which have a translucency similar to natural teeth. Aesthetically they are a durable and highly effective and impactful solution.

The aesthetic veneers are not noticeable but they change your smile making it dazzling

Non-metal ceramic veneers allow the rehabilitation of poorly positioned or discolored teeth, or even fractured teeth. The veneers are placed firmly on the anterior surface of the teeth, allowing them to improve their appearance enormously without sacrificing a significant amount of dental structure.
The veneers are veneers made of ceramic that are adhered to the tooth’s labial surface. Given their tiny thickness of only 0.3 to 0.6 mm, they are comparable to a contact lens.

The aesthetic veneers are fixed to the teeth thanks to a special adhesive cementation that allows a lasting fixation, of up to 15 years. With daily care, your teeth will remain as white as the first day . Its advantages are the following:

⦁ High aesthetic and natural appearance

⦁ Durable quality

⦁ Variety of colors

⦁ Biocompatibility with the human body

If you are interested and want to come to see us without compromise, ask for your appointmenthere.

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The tensioning threads, is one of the esthetic treatments with successful results, less invasive
And minimal pain. It’s the new era of facelift without surgery.

What are they made of?
They are made of a 100% biocompatible material and a resorbable material called
Polydioxanone. The properties of this material cause the thread to hold on its own
Where it infiltrates.

What is the treatment?
The treatment, as we have commented previously, is painless and with results
Immediate, whose main purpose is the skin tightening by the insertion of threads in the dermis
With a guide needle. They allow to treat moderate and medium flaccidity of face, neck, forehead, eyebrows,
Cheekbones, jowls, wrinkles …
There are different thicknesses of threads and it is the specialist doctor in this type of treatments the
Which should select us the most appropriate to our needs. It is premarked
Area with a pencil and with micro guides, In some cases an anesthetic cream is applied 30
Minutes before starting the treatment, each thread is infiltrated in the line and exact direction. One
Once the treatment is complete, the patient can be incorporated into his / her daily activities.
Immediately. The effect of the result is noted after a month. The threads can be
Cross each other horizontally and vertically. Reabsorbed at 6 months
But the results can last up to a year.
With this technique, what is intended is to improve the physical appearance of the patient, reaching
Increase self-esteem and confidence.

Advantages of Japanese threads:
– Patient hospitalization is not necessary.
– Local anesthesia is applied in some cases.
– Reaffirm the facial profile.
– No rest required after application.
– They reaffirm the neck.
– Conceal wrinkles from the eye contour.
– They blur the wrinkles on the forehead.
– They raise their eyebrows and cheeks.
– Minimize expression wrinkles.

Disadvantages of Japanese threads:
– Not recommended in patients with vascular disease or diabetes.
– Contraindicated in pregnant patients or lactation period.
– Contraindicated in patients with infections in the areas where they will be applied
Threads, postpone it until the infection is gone.
– It does not usually have side effects but in some cases it could be a small
Hematoma or slight inflammation may appear.

Treatment Warning:
It is advisable and very important, to warn the patient that this esthetic treatment is
Applied by a specialist who knows the facial anatomy, above all for some results
Healthy, natural and harmonic.

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